Gameplay Heart star

2014-12-14 20:23:32 by FrikiWorldBETA

I made a video about a gameplay, sorry but this gameplay is in spanish so i hope you understand then4644222_141860639982_PortadaHeartStar.png












The creator of this game is in newgrounds "duh" "AdventureIslands" his channel

I'm back

2013-07-02 16:28:45 by FrikiWorldBETA

All this started with the projects of the second half, if you have noticed that I started to take off the month of April, it is because April and may are the closure of this semester and therefore are the days more difficult and more even with the exams. I had never seen so many task on a day that just thinking about it it would not my time to be with you. At least I'm close on vacation and returned with the normal routine.WELL THAT'S WHAT POST BEFORE NOT BEING WITH YOU.Now this is the present: on Wednesday will start again to make videos: The image you're browsing are renderings that will use in the next season of LVHDTD.

I'm back

=/The begin/=

2013-07-02 16:22:04 by FrikiWorldBETA

Practically create me an account of newgrounds to know about how he is handled this page, the most curious of my account is believes it the same day in which I am years >:) with the aim of progressing on newgrounds much as on youtube, facebook, twitter or blog.